I would HIGHLY recommend as a veteran physical therapy patient. This group knows their stuff and will look at your body as the inter connected machine it is. I am just beginning my journey here but I can already see a difference in the long battle I've waged with knee pain. I can't wait to see what the future brings!Update: after fighting knee pain for years & 2 surgeries to correct the issues, I am a fully capable person once again. I can run for the first time in years, hiking isn't off the table anymore and I can go try new things without fear of knee swelling & pain. I started in January 2019 & completed my run around June 2019 attending a session one to two times a month. If you've been battling long standing injuries/multi-facited joint problems please give this group a go before you resort to surgery. It could be the answer you needed all along, it was for me!
Gabrielle Beck
Gabrielle Beck
00:14 14 Aug 19
I would HIGHLY recommend as a veteran physical therapy patient. This group knows their stuff and will look at your body as the inter connected machine it is. I am just beginning my journey here but I can already see a difference in the long battle I've waged with knee pain. I can't wait to see what the future brings!
Gabrielle Beck
Gabrielle Beck
03:33 19 Jan 19
Back Cove Personal Fitness changed my life in an hour and a half. Working with Noah Harrison, he quickly identified my problem; open hips that have caused back and other body injuries for over forty years. Some simple but intimate work later, I found immediate pain relief and a shining light for the road ahead. Improvement continued quickly, and it has transformed my physical and mental health. Looking forward to World Class skiing (Nordic, Downhill, Backcountry) for the next 50 years. Worth every penny. Go see 'em and fix it.
Daniel Pearl
Daniel Pearl
12:11 08 Dec 18
I began going to Back Cove Personal Fitness and working with Jeff Eckhouse after having been told I was "bone on bone" in both hips and needed two hip replacements. As an avid athlete (skier, hiker, biker) I didn't want to go into surgery without having my body mechanics correct and I wanted to be in the best shape possible. After working with Jeff even a short time, I am starting to walk the way I should with no pain or limp. I am regaining correct mechanics, building strength around my legs and hips, and learning to correct years of misalignment which has caused me many of my issues. This is not your "hey, lets lift some weights and go harder" kind of place. I mean, if course its about getting into shape. But at its core its about getting into shape CORRECTLY. These are body mechanics wizards; they see things in a way other facilities and trainers can't even imagine. They give you exercises to not only build strength, but to reset your neuromuscular pathways and correct gait and movement habits that you didn't even know you had. And as that happens, you realize this is what has been stopping you from feeling better while doing the things you love and performing at a higher level. Will I end up with hip replacements? No doubt sometime. But for now I am looking forward to ski season, which I missed last year due to these issues. And if I do have surgery, I'll have a better result, and better mechanics at the end because of their work. Great people, smart body technicians, and a friendly place. Highly recommended.
Steve Melchiskey
Steve Melchiskey
14:51 29 Aug 18
Jeff and his team are fantastic! Really helped me with my knee and I saw instant results after one session. Highly recommend them.
Samuel Strickland
Samuel Strickland
15:43 15 May 18
I have had first rate PT and training in many cities, in many countries, and this group is uniquely gifted. Jeff is possibly a wizard. Not in a purple coat, pointy mustache way but in a I CANT BELIEVE YOU FIXED MY BODY way. Smart and passionate, they will make you healthier and stronger.
jennison schweppe
jennison schweppe
16:55 02 Feb 18

Dr. Neil Clark Warren
Founder, eHarmony.com

“When my wife, Marylyn, and I moved to New England 15 months ago, we asked several people for the name of the best personal trainer in the area. We were referred to Jeff Eckhouse, founder of Back Cove Personal Fitness.

We called Jeff for introductory session so that we could evaluate the match between his services and our needs. We were pretty well aware of what we were looking for – someone who is gentle and sensitive, but someone who can push us and help us make clear and steady growth. We also wanted someone who is a true expert in the field, someone who knows precisely what we should be doing for maximum physical challenge without crossing any safety boundaries.

It was immediately obvious that Jeff was exactly the person for whom we were searching. We are impressed with a lot of things about him, but three stand out. First, he really knows what he is doing; he is a true expert in his field. Second, he listens incredibly well, and we always feel heard by him. Third, his level of service is unbelievable; he comes right to our home, and he’s always early.

Marylyn and I are in total agreement – we couldn’t endorse Jeff and Back Cove Personal Fitness any more enthusiastically. His approach has been exactly what we needed. I’m just hoping I can get him to bear down a little more on Marylyn and let up on me.”

Dr. Timothy Manahan, D.O.
Assistant Clinical Faculty

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

“I have been in practice for 20 years exclusively doing osteopathic manipulative medicine on patients with a variety of chronic pain and difficult sports-related injuries. Before I met Jeff two years ago, I considered myself an expert on biomechanics. His expertise has influenced the way think about posture and movement, and the way I practice medicine and teach medical students. His program design is truly different than anything I had previously encountered, and his guidance has helped me to resolve my own chronic right hip and low back problems.”

Gregg Lagerquist 
News Anchor, WGME 13

“My wife surprised me by signing me up with Jeff and Back Cove Personal Fitness. With three kids and a busy schedule, I never seemed to find time to work out. In just a couple of months, I can’t believe the difference– my energy level is higher, my clothes fit better and I feel better about myself. He not only tailors a workout to fit your goals, your fitness level and your schedule, he makes it all go with a constant vibe of positive energy. He doesn’t push you– he finds ways to help you push yourself to reach your goals and achieve things you weren’t even sure you could anymore! I only wish I’d found him sooner.”

Anna L. Waterbrook
Department of Emergency Medicine, Arizona Institute for Sports Medicine; Assistant Team Physician, University of Arizona

“I first chose Jeff to be my personal trainer because I had seen him working with other clients in the gym, and was immediately struck by his dedication.

During the almost 3 years I worked with Jeff he truly helped transform my life. Training with him helped me change my body image by teaching me confidence in the strength of my body. Jeff helped me to believe in myself as an athlete. Jeff is one of those people that “gets it” and brings a combination of an incredible knowledge base, skill, intuition, wit, and fun to every training session. He never gives less than 110%.

Although I have now moved to Arizona and will continue to work with personal trainers here, I miss Jeff and our training sessions. In fact, I have and will continue to call and consult him. For anyone considering personal training, I give Jeff my highest recommendation.”

Garrett Lewellen
Cornerstone Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

“The personal trainers at Back Cove Personal Fitness in Portland have proven to be a tremendous resource for us at Cornerstone Chiropractic. Their muscular endurance protocols for injury recovery and general back fitness have allowed us to achieve better results when treating our patients with root issues of poor rotational stability, gluteal inactivation, general core weakness, as well as shoulder/scapular dysfunction. I recommend Back Cove Personal Fitness with confidence to all of my patients who could benefit from specific muscular and neuromuscular training and know our patients are better served when they work concurrently with Jeff Eckhouse and the Back Cove Personal Fitness trainers.”

Rasha Hanafy
D.OPortland West Family Practice

“When I first met Jessica Gagne, I could barely complete 5 minutes on an elliptical machine. Now I can run miles, bench press 70 pounds, and have lost 60 pounds!! Every week, I look forward to meeting new challenges and reaching new goals.”