Group Fitness Classes Schedule: Effective July 2018

Cardio Tabata Monday 6:00pm Jessica Gagne
Unlimited Classes $40/Month

Daily drop in fee : $12

What our Customers are Saying

“Energetic from start to finish! Jessica accommodates people of all abilities and I look forward to going every week.” -Katie

“A supportive, energetic, fun environment that has become one of the best parts of my week” -Stephanie

“I’ve found it to be beneficial to my running because my core strength has increased & my overall fitness has improved” -Maureen

“Classes are wonderfully challenging and personalized to my individual needs. Jess is a wonderful trainer and instructor!” -Carole

“Everyone (the fit and the getting fit) can work to the fullest extent of their capacity.  At 55, I feel invigorated and more energetic”-Lori

“It is so convenient to have the workout come to you so you don’t need to make a special trip to the gym.” – Carole

“As someone living with heart disease, I workout 4 days a week…I’ve found kettlebell class to be a more dynamic workout than the gym.” -Dan

We offer the following classes:


Fitness Yoga
This yoga class is designed as a restorative cross training program for runners, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts of all abilities. Great for Back Cove Personal Fitness clients who want to round out their wellness program.


Strength Bootcamp
Sweat, lunge, & push up your way to a leaner, stronger body!!! Bootcamp combines a total body workout with cardio intervals to give you the maximum workout experience while blasting fat and burning calories. Each muscle will be challenged in a fun, heart pumping workout! This class can be modified to fit any level of fitness.


Cardio Tabata
Cardio Tabata is a high-intensity workout with amazing fitness and weight-loss benefits. It’s a fast paced workout; like bootcamp combined with timed circuit training.  Tabata training offers aerobic & strength benefits, incorporating kettlebells, dumbbells, plyometrics & trx.  Suitable for anyone looking to challenge themselves; beginner to advanced.


Balance and Fall Prevention
Practice balance in a fun class designed to make you sweat and smile. A great break in the day for office workers, retirees, and anyone looking to improve their balance, leg strength, and flexibility.


Stroller Fitness
A class for mom’s and their babies. This class will involve exercising around Baxter Boulevard and incorporate running, squats, lunges, push ups, weight training and ab work. An exercise mat and free weights are required for this class. A jogging stroller is recommended. Mom’s must be at least 6 weeks post partum to participate. This class can be modified for any fitness level. **This class will run weather permitting.


Ski Fitness
Ski Fitness class is designed specifically for Nordic Skiing, Snowboarding, Alpine Skiing, and Telemark Skiing. Lower body endurance, stability, strength, and power, coupled with balance, core development, injury prevention, and cardio.


Corporate Group Fitness

With Back Cove Personal Fitness at your place of business, you’ll keep your workforce happier, healthier, and more productive.

Improve Group Dynamics • Boost Employee Morale • Minimize On-The-Job Injuries • Fewer Sick Days • Reduce Stress • Burn Calories

Most classes require NO EQUIPMENT, and we can accommodate almost any group fitness request.


Groups up to 20 ppl $125 per hour
10 Session Package $1200 ($50 discount)


Our Guarantee:
If you’re not satisfied after the first class, we’ll refund your money!


Seminars and Workshops

Mobile Fitness also offers local businesses one-time seminars to teach employees essential workout techniques and proper movement mechanics for a safer and healthier workforce. Fitness seminars are ideal for companies wanting to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle without the recurring expense of weekly fitness classes.


Workout Fundamentals Seminar (2.5 hrs)

Covers the essentials for safe and effective workout routines that can be done in a gym or at home. Topics include Proper Posture and Alignment, Recommended Weights, Reps, and Sets, 1-2 key exercises for each body part, the real definition of core stabilization, addressing imbalances, cardio guidelines, and recommended exercise programs.

Workout Fundamentals : Seminar Pricing

2.5 hours $549
  up to 10 employees


Lifting Mechanics Seminar (1.5 hours)

Decrease the likelihood of job place lifting injuries with our Lifting Mechanics Seminar. We’ll teach your employees proper mechanics and the best exercise practices to improve lifting strength. Ideal for Furniture Movers, Warehouse and Delivery Personnel.

Lifting Mechanics : Seminar Pricing

1.5 hours $349
  up to 10 employees