How long is a fitness session?
Typically a session lasts 1 hour, but can they be scheduled for more or less time as needed.

How many times per week should we meet?
That’s up to you!   If you have a strong grasp of the program and use good technique, 1 session per week or 1 session per month may be enough.   However, most clients meet with their trainer 1-2 times each week, at least for the first month.

I just want an exercise routine I can do on my own. Can you help?
Yes, we will provide clients with routines that are useful for up to 6 weeks before they need to be adjusted.   However, all programs must be explained to our clients in person, to ensure proper technique and understanding of the exercises.   Typically, this requires 2-3 hours.

I have no gym equipment. Will you bring equipment to my house?
Our trainers have all of the necessary equipment to give you a great workout, right in your home.   Any equipment you have can be used to supplement our equipment kits.

What hours of the day can I meet with a trainer?
Our trainers are typically available from 6am to 9pm, but special requests may be accepted.

What if I’ve never trained or exercised before?
You do not need any experience to start exercising with a personal trainer.   Learn good technique from the start and achieve your goals.

I have more questions…
Call us at 207.838.3980 or email