Golf Swing Analysis

Athletic Durability, Recovery, and Performance

Specializing in Golf Swing Mechanics

Back Cove Personal Fitness offers golfers interdisciplinary solutions to resolve chronic injury and improve overall durability. Athletes experience more freedom of movement, less tension, and experience fewer compensations with our data driven approach. We gather metrics using proprietary technology before and after each intervention session in order to validate our methods and demonstrate success.

Golf Analysis: Utilizing K-Vest technology and a Launch Monitor, we provide the most detailed analysis available. Lessons include forty-five minutes of Fitness Rehab to improve your movement ability followed by elite level coaching. Swing your club better and hit the ball farther within just a few sessions.

Pricing in Portland, ME

Golf Analysis Lesson Only: $125/hour or $65/half hour

Fitness Rehab and Golf Analysis Combo : $185 for 90 minutes


Below is an actual example that demonstrates the value of our unique training protocols. After Fitness Rehab training, Allison exhibits more balanced transverse plane movement during gait and is better able to follow cues from Casey to improve her golf swing. 

“My golf game has improved tremendously. Postural Restoration techniques followed by a session with Casey is an unbeatable combination” – Allison Landes

BEFORE TRAINING: Experiencing hip and shoulder impingement.

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AFTER TRAINING : More balanced movement, more resilient athlete.