“When my wife, Marylyn, and I moved to New England 15 months ago, we asked several people for the name of the best personal trainer in the area. We were referred to Jeff Eckhouse, founder of Back Cove Personal Fitness.

We called Jeff for introductory session so that we could evaluate the match between his services and our needs. We were pretty well aware of what we were looking for – someone who is gentle and sensitive, but someone who can push us and help us make clear and steady growth. We also wanted someone who is a true expert in the field, someone who knows precisely what we should be doing for maximum physical challenge without crossing any safety boundaries.

It was immediately obvious that Jeff was exactly the person for whom we were searching. We are impressed with a lot of things about him, but three stand out. First, he really knows what he is doing; he is a true expert in his field. Second, he listens incredibly well, and we always feel heard by him. Third, his level of service is unbelievable; he comes right to our home, and he’s always early.

Marylyn and I are in total agreement – we couldn’t endorse Jeff and Back Cove Personal Fitness any more enthusiastically. His approach has been exactly what we needed. I’m just hoping I can get him to bear down a little more on Marylyn and let up on me.”

Dr. Neil Clark Warren
Founder, eHarmony.com

Dr. Neil Clark Warren, Founder, eHarmony.com