“When I first met Jessica Gagne, I could barely complete 5 minutes on an elliptical machine. Now I can run miles, bench press 70 pounds, and have lost 60 pounds!! Every week, I look forward to meeting new challenges and reaching new goals.”

Rasha Hanafy, D.O, Portland West Family Practice

“The personal trainers at Back Cove Personal Fitness in Portland have proven to be a tremendous resource for us at Cornerstone Chiropractic. Their muscular endurance protocols for injury recovery and general back fitness have allowed us to achieve better results when treating our patients with root issues of poor rotational stability, gluteal inactivation, general core weakness, as well as shoulder/scapular dysfunction. I recommend Back Cove Personal Fitness with confidence to all of my patients who could benefit from specific muscular and neuromuscular training and know our patients are better served when they work concurrently with Jeff Eckhouse and the Back Cove Personal Fitness trainers.”

Garrett Lewellen, D.C., Cornerstone Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

“I first chose Jeff to be my personal trainer because I had seen him working with other clients in the gym, and was immediately struck by his dedication.

During the almost 3 years I worked with Jeff he truly helped transform my life. Training with him helped me change my body image by teaching me confidence in the strength of my body. Jeff helped me to believe in myself as an athlete. Jeff is one of those people that “gets it” and brings a combination of an incredible knowledge base, skill, intuition, wit, and fun to every training session. He never gives less than 110%.

Although I have now moved to Arizona and will continue to work with personal trainers here, I miss Jeff and our training sessions. In fact, I have and will continue to call and consult him. For anyone considering personal training, I give Jeff my highest recommendation.”

Anna L. Waterbrook, M.D., Department of Emergency Medicine, Arizona Institute for Sports Medicine; Assistant Team Physician, University of Arizona

“My wife surprised me by signing me up with Jeff and Back Cove Personal Fitness. With three kids and a busy schedule, I never seemed to find time to work out. In just a couple of months, I can’t believe the difference– my energy level is higher, my clothes fit better and I feel better about myself. He not only tailors a workout to fit your goals, your fitness level and your schedule, he makes it all go with a constant vibe of positive energy. He doesn’t push you– he finds ways to help you push yourself to reach your goals and achieve things you weren’t even sure you could anymore! I only wish I’d found him sooner.”

Gregg Lagerquist, News Anchor, WGME 13