Senior Fitness

Starting a new fitness program after retirement can be a challenge! Our senior fitness program can get you going.

Our personal trainers specialize in helping senior adults maintain and create more independent lifestyles through better fitness and health. Senior adults with osteoarthritis experience tremendous lifestyle benefits by performing purposeful strength training exercise just one-two times per week.

The Center for Disease Control reports only six percent of adults over age 64 meet the national objectives for physical activity and strength training!

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At Back Cove Personal Fitness, we'll meet you at our studio in Portland, ME or In Your Home to help you improve balance, leg strength, core stability, and posture. With targeted exercises to address these key areas, you’ll see strength and balance improvements in a matter of weeks, reducing the chances of a fall and improving your quality of life.

Pricing: Studio

Single Personal Training $79 / hour
Bulk Personal Training: 10/25 Sessions $710 / $1,710
Group Training for 2-4 people $100 / hour
Bulk Group Training: 10 Sessions $945



Pricing: In Home Training / Mobile Fitness Personal Training

Private Personal Training $115 / hour
Bulk Personal Training: 10 Sessions $1,045
Group Training $142 / hour
Bulk Group Training: 10 Sessions $1,310


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