Metabolic Mastery Fitness Camp

A package of 4 consecutive Tuesday evenings - $160

If your fasting blood sugar is above 100, or if you have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes, this camp is for you. Once your blood sugars are even a little high, you need to practice very specific fitness principles every time you exercise. Baby steps are never enough to truly reverse a type 2 diabetes trend, this camp, with Dr. Maurer and Jeff Eckhouse, is a leap toward your recovery. Assure you can attend at least three of the scheduled dates - FOUR TUESDAYS IN A ROW STARTING OCT 29th. LAST CLASS IS NOV 19th.

This 4-week program, on consecutive weeks, will help you launch your metabolic recovery for a lifetime of health. You will be part of a small, group, which allows personalized attention and support that comes with a small group of motivated and like-goaled individuals. You will go home with tools that can become part of your daily lifestyle. See you soon, Dr. Richard Maurer and Jeff Eckhouse - your team

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