Why We Got Fatter During the Fat-Free Boom

A nice overview from NPR on the history of dietary guidelines and why fats are not the villain. Read the whole article


"Right around this time [when people start eating more refined grains and sugar] is when Americans started getting fatter and fatter, and more diabetic" Taubes says.

So, in trying to address one problem, hearts disease by cutting way back on fat, many experts we talked to agreed that the original dietary goals may have helped fuel these problems.[diabetes and obesity]

"There were definitely unintended consequences of the original guidelines" Mary Flynn, a professor of Medicine at Brown University told us.

She says if you look at the results of studies where participants were following low-fat diets, there's no convincing evidence that this pattern of eating cuts the risk of disease

"There have been a number of studies" Flynn told us "and there's no benefit for low-fat diets to lead to better weight loss and no benefit for low-fat diets to lead to less disease."

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