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(formerly Mobile Fitness Personal Training est. 2008)

At Back Cove Personal Fitness, our certified personal trainers, fitness rehab specialists, and physical therapist, all have expertise working with active adults and seniors who are looking to improve their quality of life through better fitness and enhanced movement. We are Maine's only approved Postural Restoration Center and have the most qualified continuum of experienced fitness professionals in the state.

You might want accountability, guidance achieving your fitness goals, be searching for resolution to chronic orthopedic and muscular discomfort, or just looking for expert guidance. Whether you are new to exercise or a veteran athlete, we look forward to helping you by pairing you with the staff member best suited for your specific needs.

Back Cove Personal Fitness personal trainers and fitness rehab specialists provide you with customized exercise routines and the convenience of meeting with you in our private personal training studio in Portland, ME, at your home, or in your office, so that life doesn't get in the way of your health or your goals.

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